Young peoples mental health 

Children with mental health issues who need more help can only access CAHMs support when their condition worsens. This ever widening gap in young people’s Mental Health services, especially post-pandemic, is the focus of CHAW’s national programme looking at health inequality

After working with several partners, we have come up with possible solutions to trial, including a CAHMS worker in primary care (working within a PCN MH team) to bridge the gap, suporting increasing counselling capacity locally, signposting and supporting parents and carers of young people with various resources including short session counselling. 

Mental health in Adults 

CHAW PCN has developed a team of Mental health clinicians who work with your GP and CWP to provide step up/step down help for patients with mild to moderate Mental health issues- Please contact them via your GP surgery (This will eventually link to the CHAW PCN website when Available) 

Mental health in older population   

Ageing well events  

These are targeted events aimed at the mild/moderately frail addressing various issues that contribute to staying well. Each GP surgery’s patients are invited by the practice to the event where they have short talks and a marketplace event with stalls encouraging them to take active steps to stay healthy. 

This Multi disciplinary team approach empowers people and has been well received. More are being planned soon. Please let us know if you wish to be kept informed (use the contact form on our home page).

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